Thursday, October 20, 2016


Thanks to politics, the media, and the internet, I have been informed that various lives matter.  Fortunately, they have all been color coded so I can keep them straight and root for the right lives when appropriate.  But why do the various colored lives matter?  We have created a society that places little substance, other than rhetoric, on the value of life, so why are we shocked when life is taken from so many before they have reached their full span?

As a society, the progressive movement has succeeded in devaluing any human life that has no voice of its own.  They may be outraged over a dog left chained to a fence in the rain and snow, but challenge them on the right of the unborn and you are waging a war on woman, and of course the organization that finds its origins in the theories of eugenics.  A theory that says we can improve the human race if we promote reproduction of people with the proper traits, and prevent the reproduction of people with the undesirable traits.

We have created sub-cultures where the value of life is so small and insignificant that they pray on the weak and helpless just as our cave dwelling ancestors once did.  We propose to change these cultures through such wonderful ideas as improving education and creating new jobs.  But in the 200 plus years of our history have we actually improved education and created sufficient new jobs to advance these sub-cultures into the greater society, or have we succeeded only in creating an industry of educational experts who are battling a forest fire of social decline with a garden hose.  A hose that is pointed first in one direction, and then another as each new expert claims to have an answer.

As the government grew it created new ideals of what society should be.  We are told it must be inclusive and welcoming to all, but what have we done to the construct of a traditional family, where the Mother and Father are not only committed to their own survival but also to preparing their children for success?  A family where the parents are the primary educators of the young and the schools build on that, rather than the other way around.  I see today’s experts on society placing little value in the traditional family model.  We moved first to the nuclear family, then the blended family, and now the open family.  In each of these shifts the wants of the parents take precedent over the needs of the child.  Is it any wonder the young people of today seem lost and alone when they reach adulthood?

As in most my posts I have far more questions than answers… Life it is all we have until it’s gone.  Perhaps we should value all life, even that of the one we’ve just created?

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