Friday, October 14, 2016

In This Time

I am struck by the hypocrisy, or more precisely, the outrageous degree of hypocrisy the two main political parties, and their leading politicians exhibit in not only this presidential campaign, but in all the bombastic political talk that inundates us on a daily basis.  There is a quotation, oft attributed to Alexis de Toqueville[i], but perhaps coming from Joseph de Maistre’s[ii] Lettres et Opuscules Inédites vol 1 letter 53[iii], that said “In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.”  If this is true then it follows that we the citizens have brought on ourselves these campaigns filled with sexual accusations, political corruption, base name calling, accusations of racism, and other personal attacks.

One has only to spend a few moments on the social media so popular today (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, or others I never see) to recognize that we, as individuals, have come to accept the basest level of conversation when dealing with strangers or even friends.  The moral outrage of the opinion media, politicians (and their wives), and all the celebrities they can muster over the language and views of Donald Trump means nothing when they accept that same language on a daily basis in the entertainment industry, becasue those entertainers can be used to help further their political agenda.

Let’s talk about news and opinion journalists for just a moment.  I used to believe  journalists were impartial, and would dig into stories to uncover the truth, and while a newspaper would support a particular party or agenda, there was always an off-setting paper to show the other side.  In today’s world that construct has disappeared.  It has become obvious that the mainstream broadcast media of ABCNNBCBS is totally on board with the Democratic party and will do whatever they can to vilify the opposition and protect their own politicians.  There is a sense of elitism and distain for anyone who does not share their urban sense of propriety as we see in the accusations of racism and stupidity they assign to the average citizen.  Yet we continue to support this cartel in viewing their products. Today outsiders to the ABCNNBCBS cartel are the ones digging up the alternative explanations and hidden facts, which of course they condemn when it runs counter to their preferred narrative (e.g. Glen Greenwald and the exposé on global surveillance).  Or you can look at the time they spend talking about one candidate’s faults versus the others, or even the mere mention of alternative candidates, so just concede those we look to for honest reporting are hacks for one party and move on.

Then we come to our culture as a general baseline for morality.  If we glamorize violence in film, song and games, why are we shocked when it appears in the behavior or our young? Are we so blind as to not see the cause-effect relationships we have created?  When movies first came out, and began their wide appeal of bringing fantasy to the masses, we saw the distinctions between life and fantasy.  We taught our young in home, church and school how to be responsible within the confines of society and the movies they spent their nickels on at the Sunday matinee reinforced the concepts of good and evil.  Roy Rogers or Gene Autry were the good guys; they wore the white hats.  They didn’t shoot first and always saved the day.  The violence was limited, and the gun fights were vague enough not to traumatize the viewers.   Can we say that today where in an action move of 2 hours we can expect 90 minutes of non-stop violence?  Where a bad guy can shoot a thousand rounds and the good guy isn’t hurt because the couch stopped the bullets?  I find the celebrities (actors, directors, producers and companies) who profit from these movies, but then come out to condemn gun ownership to be among the biggest hypocrites we see today, and the purest puppets of the elite who use them.

In three weeks about 60% of the eligible voters will go to the polls to cast their ballot.  In some areas a few dead people will vote as well, but I don’t think they will be swing the election, but with the Clinton's you never know.  However the vote goes we will get the government we deserve.  We have, for the past 20 years encouraged ad hominem attacks of those we disagree with, we believe one party is evil and the other is righteous, we cast aside respectable behavior for political spectacle, and degrade the value of human life through performance, science, and social standards, and through it all both the leading candidates have been there.  One on reality TV the other on reality Politics.

[i] French diplomat and historian who travel the United States in the first half of the 19th century.  See:

[ii] French philosopher and diplomat.  Maistre claimed it was the rationalist rejection of Christianity that was responsible for the disorder following the French Revolution. See:

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