Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Things that Amuse Me.

1.     Realizing that surgeons don’t actually read your charts until you point out to them the things they said and did two years ago, forcing them to actually get up and go get the charts.
2.    Finding out I am not actually “full of shit” as so many have claimed, but thanks to modern science and prep for a colonoscopy my actual level is only about 3 lbs.  Therefore, I am 1.3% FoS.
3.    Recognizing Mr. Trump’s popularity can be directly linked to the partisan politics of the Democratic leadership (i.e. President Obama, VP Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reed and DNC Chairwoman DWS) over the past 7 years, and the media’s support of it.
4.    Watching FOX News cancel the next debate because the “Gorilla in the Room” says he has had enough.
5.     Finally, seeing the outrage of supporters who are upset with what they believe is disrespect of the President and his family by those who oppose him.  Aren’t these the exact same people who made it a habit of making fun of the previous President and his children (e.g., Democratic Underground)?


Jeannette said...

No one told you not to make any public statements post -op?

John said...

No, no one did, and while a couple may be considered TMI I will live with the consequences.

Jeannette said...

Hope you get a good report...very smart to get checked up this way! However, such exams do not protect you from teasing.

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