Sunday, December 23, 2012


The morning is still as the family sleeps, the machine brews a fresh pot of coffee, filling the kitchen with the warm smell of roasted coffee beans.  The snow covers the ground outside, creating a Christmas card scene.  Soon the house will become a home, alive with the sounds of excited children, and bleary eyed adults all looking for a place around the tree.
Too excited for breakfast the children will call to their Mom or Dad, begging to open the first present.  There will be calls for calm, and to wait, until Grandma can get her camera. 
We are blessed to be able to share what so many others in this world cannot even imagine.  We have our family, our health, and a future to look to.   The children know the love of their parents, and the safety of a warm home on a chilly night.  There are toys enough to amaze and delight, and a Christmas dinner to fill their tummies before settling down to sleep.
For those who are not as fortunate, I offer my prayers for a better life, where fear and hunger are replaced by hope and bounty.  I pray that our world can overcome itself, but until then we must do what we can for our families, our neighbors, and the community that we are such a part of.
To all who read these humble thoughts I wish you, and all your loved ones, a great and joyous Christmas.

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Gino said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, John.

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