Saturday, September 1, 2012

Random Funny Things, or Random Things I Find Funny

Harvard University finding students plagiarizing on their tests.  This used to be called cheating, and it has gone on at academic institutions since Harvard first opened.  The fact they are just now thinking this is widespread is funny.  I wonder how in depth the investigation will be since allegations of plagiarism have been leveled against so many of its Professors and graduates.
President Obama scrambling to change his campaigning schedule to fit a trip to Louisiana into it after candidate Romney flew to the state immediately after his nomination.
How the President’s Mount Rushmore like Sand Sculpture was damaged at the base by heavy rain and workers are scrambling to prop it up.  Kind of like his economic policies.
 The fact that every thing a candidate says is now checked by news people who have a bias for one side or another, and who really don’t worry too much about making sure the facts they are spouting are accurate.  Which leads to fact checkers, being factually checked by other fact checkers.  It occurs to me we are seeing the beginnings of a whole new industry.  I wonder if it has room for the 23 million American’s currently unemployed?
How every Presidential candidate since Reagan has said we need to focus on education, reward the good teachers and remove the bad, yet still we are ranked 31st in the world K-12 assessments.  As the Chicago teachers prepare to go on strike next week this I wonder if this is the reason? Are they fighting for the bad teachers to be removed?
How those who are deeply and devoutly committed to this President will rush to explain his misstatements, but so quickly condemn his opponents for similar mistakes.  If this is reflective of the voting population as a whole then I am not sure we have much hope for a better tomorrow.
How voicing a concern for the right of a fetus to live and develop into a child is equal to a declaration of war.
How it is impossible to accept a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, without being expected to pay for those choices.

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