Friday, September 7, 2012

Promises are Easy

A promise is easy to make.  The path you choose when it is hard to keep is what separates the great, good and bad among us.
If we are to judge our President honestly, we must judge him on his commitment to his word.  If he promises us something, does he keep that promise or not?  My Grandfather taught me to never promise something I could not do.  As the candidates pander to the voters this is a lesson they choose to ignore.  It means the voters must not.  It falls to us to know when a candidate is making a promise he or she will not keep.
To know whom to believe you have only their record to judge them against.  Will they work to keep their promise, or will they find a path that lets them blame others?
The power brokers, the PAC’s and Super-PAC’s, the lobbyists, the unions, the bankers, and the media all have their agenda’s.  They are trying to sell their product to the voters, and if they win — gain insider influence.  In our Republic it falls to us, the independent voter, to decide who will keep their promise?
I see very little in President Obama’s record to indicate he will follow my Grandfather’s advice.  

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