Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Political Story

A couple are walking down a road, hand in hand; all the sudden the driver of a large truck loses control.  The truck swerves back and forth until it tips over and rolls into the grove of trees.   The driver is thrown from the cab and lays injured alongside the wreckage, fortunately the couple are unhurt and continue their stroll seemingly oblivious to his injuries.
Are these uncaring heartless people to leave the poor truck driver injured there?  Clearly they must be, but what happens when the story is told with the actual clarifying details?  For example, the couple are walking down a road in New Hampshire, hand in hand, when all the sudden the driver of a large truck loses control in West Virginia…
A foolish story you say?  Perhaps, but we see it everyday in political adds.  If you take what is said at face value you will come to the conclusion they want you to, but will it be the right one? As Bill Clinton says, this election you have a clear choice.  The problem with his advertisement is he then goes on compare apples and tangerines.  He carries on the Democratic Party’s theme of telling people the Republican’s are only interested in tax breaks for the rich, while President Obama believes in a strong middle class, as if the two positions are mutually exclusive.
The choice is much simpler than that.  Do we continue down the path that has brought us to this point, or do we make a change in leadership that is within our power?  If you believe that a strong dominating central government that assures you of all the benefits you seek from it, than by all means you must vote for the President.  He promises you what you whatever you want, but at what cost will it come?  Since borrowing to pay for those promises isn’t a concern; you cannot be upset when the recession continues as it has, or at some point the government is unable to actually deliver on those promises.
If, on the contrary, you believe in the spirit of American initiative and self-reliance and you really want a government that will stay as unobtrusive as possible.  You have an alternative, since they move closer to it than do the Democrats.  They, at least, argue that we need to move back towards a balanced budget, and higher taxes slow down the free enterprise system.  The question becomes how do we achieve those goals?  And that has not been determined yet, because for the past two years there has been an inability in the White House and the lower house of the Congress to find room for compromise.  A condition that developed from the first two years of the President’s term where his win at all costs mindset and a Democratic majority made compromise unnecessary.
Sure, both parties make promises, but how will the Executive and Legislative Branch’s work together?  We know our current President does not work with Congress; will Mr. Romney?  As a Governor he has shown an ability to do so.    But at this time, in this election it will fall to the rational, independent, middle of the road voter to decide the fate of this nation.  Will we continue to expand the government to the point all decisions are made by people inside the Washington Beltway, or will we begin to return decision authority back to the states and the people?

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