Monday, May 22, 2017

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmmm.

We’ve just returned from a quick weekend trip to Tampa, and we anticipate a stormy week here in the Florida Panhandle.  We, my wife and I, purposely did not look at news for the last few days so this morning I am catching up on reading and stuff.  Along the way, I’ve found several things that give me pause.
But first, a random thought from a small book I just glanced at.  Nobody understands the psyche of a man quite as well as a feminist.  Just ask them.   Hmmmm.
The conservative blogosphere is alive with stories of Representative Pelosi (D-CA) enjoying the moment, as the California democrats chant about fornicating with President Trump and showing him the respect you would get from a NYC cabbie you just cut off.  So much for “when they go low, we go high.”  Clearly, I misunderstood the intent of that early Democratic Party meme.  Hmmmmm.
President Trump gave a speech in Saudi Arabia.  I’ve read the transcript of that speech and must say it is a radical departure from the message of the previous administration.  He confronts, head on, the reality that if we are to defeat radical Islamic terror, only the Muslim world can do it.  In his speech he condemns Iran, but his audience doesn’t like Iran much more than we do so that was a pretty safe move.  Of course, the reporting of it by the media carries the now familiar story lines.  The NYT points out how he is supporting the Sunni verse Shi’a segments.  Bob Shieffer, talking on CNN, notes he sounded “Presidential” but then explains he normally sounds like the drunk at the end of the bar when he tweets.  The more conservative pundits find it a powerful message, the liberal pundits are busy with condemnation and embarrassment.   Unbiased analysis of this event is impossible to find, leaving the individual to pick and choose from their favorite side of the Trump debate.  Hmmmmmmmm.
The media goes to John Podesta for his opinion on President Trump and his statements. Why?  Do we expect some great new insight from the Clinton confidant and campaign manager?  He blames FBI Director Comey for Clinton’s loss, and is amused with the idea the president fired him for the handling of the Clinton investigation.  Hell, I think any reasonable person finds that reason laughable, but does that make it news?  It seems the opinion of someone completely separate from the decision is somehow “news worthy,” especially in light of his own Russian connections.  We don’t have REAL news, just opinions masquerading and claiming to not be fake news.  Hmmmmm.
Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, USA (Ret), will claim protection under the US Constitution’s fifth amendment.  I am anticipating a rising chorus of criticism on this, but if anyone on the left is upset, what was your position when Lois Lerner, Jeffery Neely, Patrick Cunningham, Greg Roseman, and a host of others chose that path during the past administration.  The fifth is oft times abused, but so what?  Think of how Benedict Arnold would have been better off if he had that option.  Flynn will join a long list of people who’ve gotten caught doing questionable stuff and hide behind the protections.  Just a little hmmm on this one.
And finally, The Sacramento Bee has this article on the cost of universal health care in California alone.  The cost for California is $400 billion/year and I dare anyone to show me how government funding will reduce the charges the providers attempt to recover from the insurance provider.  Since no one is volunteering to pay higher taxes, but are happy to say someone else should we will maintain the status quo.  Therefore, what I never hear in these calls for a single payer system is what do you want the government to stop doing to pay for the health-care system?  Should we stop funding roads and infrastructure?  How about space?  Should we close NASA?  Maybe TSA or the Coast Guard?  Heck, why not the Department of State or Defense.  I bet we break even if we close all the national parks.  Okay people, who has the solution to paying for this newly found inalienable right?  If you're expecting your Democratic representatives to come up with the answer it will be more taxes on the middle class since the 1% pay their campaign costs.  If you're waiting for the Republicans you vilify, well good luck with that.  Hmmmmmmmmm.

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