Friday, March 10, 2017

Who Do You Believe?

     Who do you believe when there is so much time and effort spent vilifying the opposition?  How do you form a balanced opinion when rational thought is replaced by soundbite sized memes?  There does not seem to be room for compromise and consensus in governing anymore, and those who try are eviscerated by their own party as turncoats.  By the way, according to Wikipedia the term turncoat is synonymous with renegade and comes from the time when one knight would turn his coat of arms from one lord to another.
As we look at the debate on the repeal, revision, replacement, or redux of the Affordable Care Act who knows the truth.  When the politicians spend a night debating amendments that included such important things like renaming the bill to “Republican Pay More for Less Care Act,” or “The bill cannot pass until ‘the individual who holds the office of President makes available to the public authenticated copies of the individual's returns of Federal income tax for the most recent ten taxable years’” you know the interest of the American people are the last thing they care about.
My experience in health care is fortunately extremely limited.  I go twice a year to a doctor to tell me I am healthy and every 3-5 years to let another doctor probe parts of me I would prefer he not.  What I have seen though is the rapidly increasing layers of bureaucracy the government has added has done little to protect me as a patient, or make my care more affordable.  As I look at the insurance market place it does not appear  all the government burdens have made healthy people jump on board to cover down on the cost of caring for the sick.
 So how can we know if this is a good (as in good for the average citizen) and affordable (as in does not increase debt) replacement for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or not? 

As an aside, you should know, if enacted, Power Ball winners will now have to pay for their own medical coverage and states can seek to levy a tax on what they spend on Medicaid.

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