Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Training and Other Stuff

For the past week, my wife and I have been to Northport, Fort Myers and Poinciana, FL on our now annual pilgrimage to see the Red Sox during their Spring Training season.  It was nice to get away from the daily routine and the daily news.  Since the sun continues to rise in the east, and set in the west I assume very little has changed since we left eight days ago.  So here is what I’ve learned this past week.

a. Pablo “the Panda” Sandavol is not really as heavy as he looks on TV, it must be true the camera adds 25 pounds.  He still is not very good moving to his right and guarding the line, but he’s not as bad as he was last year when he lost his job prior to injury.

b. Hanley Ramirez is no David Ortiz, and he still can’t find a helmet to stay on when he swings for the fences and whiffs.

c. Everyone talks about the depth of Red Sox pitching, but as far as I can tell everyone not named Porcello, sucks.

d.  I don’t think the Red Sox will win as many games this year as they did in 2016, because unless they have a 10-run lead when they turn it over to the relief the opponents will come back.

e. The 55+ community of Solivita still has nice homes, without enough closets.

f.  If you love Allen Wrenches then you will love IKEA…you can assemble an entire home with a single Allen Wrench.

g.  Some of the more idiotic Democratic politicians are still talking about Impeachment, and some of their fans are foolish enough to believe they can pull it off.  I would suggest if the Republicans couldn’t impeach Clinton for lying it seems unlikely that Trump will fall for tweeting, but keep that kabuki theater going.

h.  Some of the more idiotic Republican politicians are still talking about how implement Obamacare with a new name, while the average lower middle class citizen struggles to find affordable healthcare.  Here is my suggestion.  Treat health insurance exactly like auto insurance, mandate all companies must cover everyone, those with preexisting conditions go into a high-risk pool if appropriate and make the young pay a slight penalty for being healthy.  Then control hospital profits by treating non-profit hospitals exactly like for profit hospitals.

Finally, from a friend.  The judge that just put a hold on Trumps latest immigration EO must be really good at writing.  A 43-page decision within 120-minutes of hearing the case.  No political agenda there, no siree bob.


Mitch DeLaRosa said...

Glad to see your blog again, John! Let me add another element that continues to be blown off in Washington D.C. due to professional courtesy - tort reform for malpractice cases could drive down costs significantly. Costs for malpractice insurance are ridiculous because malpractice payouts are ridiculous. We just read a case in our paper. I believe the victim was a lifelong smoker, had diabetes, in his late 80's, and was blind, but the nursing home did not give him enough care, so his wrongful death ended up with a $750,000 payout! When I took care of my dad for four months after his stroke complications, I would say at least 40 percent of every treatment and test done by the hospital whenever he had a fall was nothing more than protection against lawsuits. The Association of Trial Lawyers have the Democrats in their hip pocket and probably a fair amount of Republicans. Just a thought from the Land of Chip and Joanna!

EMax said...

Excellent! Welcome back!

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