Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Writing is Work

Writing is work, it requires discipline, commitment and honest self-assessment.  While I enjoy writing I wonder why I bother.  I make a lot of mistakes in my form, style, and punctuation because I did not do a very good job absorbing the lessons of Junior High School English.  Ask me to diagram a sentence and you would get something that looks like a deformed fish.  Placement of commas, fugetaboutit! Yet, still I persist.  Perhaps it is my way to connect with others, or perhaps it is about trying to keep my mind alive, rather than succumb to that age-old disease of waiting around for death.

Of course, in today’s world writing about politics is easy.  There is so much hatred and animosity on both sides of the political spectrum it is, as a fight pilot would say, “a target rich environment.”  But that becomes a rather narrow option if you don’t want to find yourself as a hateful, parody of what you are writing about.  It is also self-limiting if no one agrees with a moderate view of the world.   
It seems today’s internet and social media forums have taken sound bites down to sound whiffs where all you do is let an odor off, rather than even a bite full of information.  Then everyone jumps on board to tell you your odor smells like…, well you can fill in the blank.

Well enough of this introspective crap.  I think I’ll shower and go play some golf.  To the handful of people who read this.  Have a great day or night, and don’t stay up to late.

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