Thursday, February 2, 2017

When Does Talk of Equality Not Mean Equality?

I’ve listened to all the talk of equality for various groups now for most of my life, and I come away with one unavoidable conclusion.  No one, and by no one, I mean absolutely no one I’ve ever listened to or read about, wants equality.  This is just a subterfuge to deflect the conversation away from their real intent which is to argue for their group being placed above all others.
This was brought home to me recently when an acquaintance posted this meme on Face Book.  I don’t know if this is really a quote from Justice Ginsberg, or a false statement pasted to her portrait as is typical in meme making, but it has enough of an air of authenticity as to be believable and therefore spread across the internet as a truth.
We can argue that past or current discrimination affects a group’s ability to compete fairly, or to receive equal compensation, but the politicians and judges who push for corrective programs never seem to have a plan for how those programs will actually end the discrimination.  They never speak to how we will know when equality has been reached and the programs can end.  They are written as if they will be never ending, and if so the question then becomes, what good are they doing?  Are they just a way to exert social pressure through mandated behavior or federal funding, or is there really substantive change taking place?  From my humble position it all seems to be in keeping with the carpetbagger movement of the reconstruction period where the northern merchants imposed their will on the beaten south to make themselves richer.
If women really wanted equality how would it be defined?  Equality shouldn’t be the ability to impart one’s will through total domination, should it?  Yet here is Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg saying it, it must be true because she is the iconic representative of the moral left, isn’t she?
Pick any movement in recent history and show me how once in power the people who argued for equality stopped at equal?  Was it the Hindu’s of India?  The blacks of South Africa?  The Taliban of Afghanistan?  The mullahs of Iran?  The Palestinians or Israelis in Israel and the West Bank?  Sorry, I am at a loss here… can you help me out on how Affirmative Action and social control of speech (i.e. politically correct thoughts and words) has brought equality to our races and society in the United States?  How the BLM anarchists are bringing equality of treatment through their rioting?  How the LGBT community is satisfied with anything less than total capitulation from those who disagree on religious grounds?  Anything that talks about equality being good enough as a stopping point for our interaction between the various races, ethnicity, sexes, or sexual identification?
I didn’t think so.

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EMax said...

That is really an interesting point and I have used the term myself as I thought I believed in "equality." Meaning I'm in favor of equal pay for equal work, regardless of social status, race, sexuality, man or woman. To me it also meant equal under the law regardless of race, gender, social status, and wealth. (this of course is never achieved because the socialites are given a pass, the rich can afford the best legal representation whereas the poor are often left with a young, inexperienced public defender. Wish it were different. I agree John.

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