Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Spinning Wheel

As we know it, the universe is a sphere expanding from that instant when time started.  Those who do not believe in God, place their faith in the possibility this event was a random occurrence.  While those of the three major religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism believe the divine intervention of God created the heavens and the earth.  While I side with the latter group, I do not believe I know how God created the instant of creation, or even why.  There is a pantheon of theologians who spend their lives trying to understand the will of God and translate it into understandable terms for us normal men.  In the days of the old testament these men were prophets.  They say a prophet is never understood in his own land, and I think there is clear evidence before us.  
Take, for example, those great wise men of Blood, Sweat and Tears who said in their 1968 prophecy, “What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheel got to go 'round.”  I believe at least two generations have failed to grasp the significance of this opus work.  Clearly the visionaries of B, S & T foresaw the fall of the great Democratic party as it worked to divide the nation into the elites and the forgotten people of mid-America.
Today the party of Jefferson and Jackson struggles to understand how a simple billionaire from humble beginnings could have swept into the office they believed to be theirs.  They have climbed on their painted pony and continue to go ‘round and ‘round as they demonize the President using the only language they know.  The themes that led to their loss in October are played daily by the spokespeople who seek to over throw the government.   

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