Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just a Thought About 2020

Observing the silliness of the Senate confirmation process a couple of synapses fired off, leading to my realization we are seeing the initial campaigns of the Democratic primary.  We can expect those most interested in securing the upcoming nomination to become increasingly vocal in their outrage and condemnation of all things Trump and Republican.
The pool today, as I see it.
Leading candidate today:  Elizabeth “you didn’t build that business” Warren.  Even as a first term Senator she had enough far left clout to have Hillary come for her blessing on the campaign.  She is the rising star of the left, and she knows it.  From Massachusetts, she is reasonably secure in her seat and should easily win reelection in 2018.  The only conservative mentioned so far to challenge her is Curt “the bloody sock” Shilling and based on his writings and the strong Democratic bias of the state I don’t think if he ran he would stand much of a chance.  Remember, this is the state that was okay with its Senator getting drunk, having an accident that killed his passenger and leaving the scene.
Her baggage is her claim of Native American heritage to pad her credentials while at Harvard, and some questionable legal relationships as a moon lighting law professor.  None of this will matter one iota to the party faithful.  The one thing that could be problematic is her perpetual victimhood status and the shrillness of her attacks on the right.  Those two qualities will not affect the party selection, but could be a deal breaker for the moderates of the nation who will vote or not in the general election.
Chuck “I cry a tear” Schumer.  As the leading Democrat in the Senate he will have the largest voice, at least initially, on the national stage.  There are probably more negatives than positives from the far left’s perspective since they are already demonstrating against him, but he would be somewhat a voice of reason.  From the general perspective, his absolute hypocrisy when it comes to statements supporting the past (Democratic) President and against the current one will be played over and over again until no one believes a word he says.  His age may be a factor, he is 66 now, but heck how old were Hillary and Bernie when they ran?  The party seems to like old white Democrats telling the rest of America how bad old white Republicans are.
Senator Al “Stuart Smalley” Franken.  I think you will begin to see much more of Al as this year and the next go on.  His ties to show business will make their support a lot easier to seek, so he could be gaining an inside track there.  His negatives are about the same as Chuck’s -- as is his age.  I think his chances of beating Warren are slim and the fact she and he are on about the same wave length might make his decision not to run easier.
Unknown.  As Trump showed an unknown is possible, but with the Democratic party organizational leadership moving further and further left it would seem unlikely, but stranger things have happened.  Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will decide he should run the country.

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