Monday, February 13, 2017

Cats Snore

The world is an amazing place; it is the most amazing place I’ve ever lived and each day brings a new discovery. 

Take today for example.  Today I’ve learned the moon is actually several hundred million years older than I thought just last year, and this now allows man and womankind to better understand the evolution of women and men, since its previous age meant the earth would have to have cooled much faster than ancient air conditioning units would have achieved.  Thankfully the scientist at UCLA, studying the cheese samples returned during those heady days when our German Rocket Scientists got us to the moon, has determined it is really 4,500,000,000 years old not the youngish 4.3 billion we’ve been using for the last couple hundred years or so.  Now the evolutionary biologists feel better about life on earth and can explain why there are werewolves during a full moon.

Apparently the drought in California that has been causing so much concern these past couple of years can now be officially classified as over.  This comes as the Governor asks the Trump administration for financial help with the flooding from this winter’s rains.  Unofficially I am told Californians still hate the United States government under President Trump and the Republicans, but they still want our money to fix the dams that haven’t had much to do for several years.  By the way, if you live near the Oroville Dam, I hope you are safe and not downstream as the spillway comes apart. 

Next to finally, I think golf would be a much better game if they eliminated the clubs and moved to more modern weapons, like a Trebuchet or Bazooka.

Finally, cats snore quietly so they don’t disturb the mice.

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