Saturday, January 28, 2017


From LA Times
The last time Democratic Party controlled states voted to secede from the Union the Republican President and Congress decided to disagree and fight them on the issue.  It was a long and costly effort for both sides, ultimately returning the Confederate states to the union.  Just guessing, I don’t think that would happen again, but of course it would be the start of a domino chain that would effectively end the United States of America as we’ve come to know it.

As in any breakup once the emotional exclamations are over the hard work comes in the division of assets and the accounting of debts and their settlement.  I can’t begin to imagine the nightmare the bean counters will face as they start to close California’s bar tab with the Federal Government.  Then comes the matter of currency.  Fortunately, Chinese investors are buying up so much of California the conversion to the Yuan should be pretty straight forward.

I so look forward to 2018, and the adventures that await.


Gino said...

i will vote for secession.
if CA goes, expect OR and WA to follow suit.
as for the region known as the Republic of Jefferson... yeah, this will get sticky. CA cant demand independence for itself with recognising the desires of Jeffersonians to be free of dominance from Portland and Sacramento. this is where the shooting will take place. Jefferson cant be allowed to leave and take most of CA's water with it.

Gino said...

and... given the topography of Jefferson, its a war CA cant win.

John said...

Gino, I have to admit I'd not heard anything about the state of Jefferson until you mentioned it. I guess I've got to do some reading to understand the potential but from what little I saw on it, I think you're probably right. That will be the battle ground.

EMax said...

I'm not so sure I can support. Seems like a great idea, but will we be able to get Calamexico to pay for a border wall through all that mountainous terrain? I sure don't want them to have free access to the good old USA! Just saying.

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