Sunday, November 13, 2016

You Know, I'm Just Tired.

I think I am an average citizen.  I mind my own business, I try to treat others as I would want to be treated, and I pretty much want government to mind its own business unless I need them for something.  It is that last statement that seems to be at the heart of our great polarization.  It used to be a debate, but anymore it just seems to be finger pointing,  name calling, and curling into a fetal position.

What is it we need government for, either at the local, state, federal, or global level? The left has one view, the right another, and the average citizen yet a third.  For the past 20 years we seem incapable of finding common ground.

Who I voted for is irrelevant, but if you’ve seen my Facebook profile it should be obvious it was neither of the principle candidates.  What I have seen in mainstream media and from my most liberal friends just reinforces why Mr. Trump’s election was correct and necessary.  I am going to rant for just a bit, so if you are not into reading rants this would be a good time to bail out!  Go ahead, I’ll wait.
 Still with me?  Great!  Fortunately for most of the free world, the nature of my blog is such I doubt a damn thing will come of this rant, other than I will feel better for having written it.

Bottom Line Up Front: I, and most of the nation like me, are tired of being called a misogynist, racist, homophobic,  islamophobe if we believe:  a) Hillary Clinton is a self-serving hypocrite who puts her financial well-being before the security of the United States, b) the Black Lives Matter movement is not out for the betterment of the black race, but to create an atmosphere intended to destabilize the government, and make the targeting of the police acceptable, c) the little LGBT community (less than 5% of US society,[i] but heavily involved with entertainment) is not so terribly oppressed as to need the protections of the 14th amendment, and d) we must recognize there is a radical aspect of Islam whose advocates want to destroy the Judeo-Christian societies of the west and wipe the Jewish population off the face of the earth. 

In the crush of post-election reporting we hear of students and educators so distraught they must bring in grief counselors and “safe space” management teams to cope.  We see people who just a couple of weeks ago were condemning Trump for questioning the possibility the election could be rigged, now "demanding" the electoral college not meet its constitutional mandate.  The name calling from the Democrats and their media support only reinforce for me the notion the real threat to our national survival is when one side chooses to turn a blind eye to how a republic must work.

In assessing how the media played their last “Trump Card,” the one they all piled onto when he said the system was rigged and suggested he might question the validity of the election is illustrative of the corrupt nature of modern media and the DNC.  I am convinced the media was, from the beginning, so committed to a Clinton win they tried to work with the DNC to pre-empt any kind of legitimate challenge to the vote totals by claiming such a challenge was unprecedented, when clearly it was not.  When Trump won they had no recourse but to support the political operatives rioting in the streets and claim that a fractional lead in the popular vote shows the current electoral system must be abandoned because they, in their shining cities, didn’t win.

As long as they refer to people destroying property as “protest” rather than the accurate description of riot they support the rioter’s agenda. I truly believe if the tables were turned and these were Trump supporters two things would be different.  First, you would not have the violence we are seeing, and next, whatever presence you did have would be called riots. Also, how much do we hear from the mainstream about an actual protest going on in North Dakota, where tribes of native Americans are standing against an oil pipeline?  We hear bumpkis!  Why is that?  I think it’s because no one in NYC or LA cares.  I, and most people like me, have no confidence in accurate reporting by ABCNNBCBS and MSNBC.

To the Universities, with all their Special Snowflake students and administers, who have melted since the election of Donald Trump I share the statements of others I’ve seen.  “Your very actions reinforce why the majority did not vote for your gender celebrated candidate.”  You, who bought into the agenda pushed by the DNC and the media, were so focused on putting a woman in the White House you all were willing to sell the safety of the nation and any hope of economic recovery down the river so you could sit at the feet of Ms. Clinton regardless of how corrupt she might be.  You are in love with someone who has shown over the past 30 years she wouldn’t accomplish much beyond influence peddling.  Yet, because she was a woman you are willing to sacrifice everything that binds us as a society to achieve some kind of first for the nation.  It would have been a pyretic first term as the needs of the nation were cast aside to further the illusion of a historically great woman. 

There was a video floating around by some personality, who I suppose is famous for something, where he sets off on a profanity filled rant about how the left has brought this on themselves because they have become a group unwilling to debate the issues, but rather shut down debate by name calling.  I agree with him, just without the need for profanity.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe the people who are charged with education at the college level or the media are capable of deep self-inspection -- so profanity and hate filled rants will remain the dialogue of the day for the foreseeable future.

Our one hope, and it is a very small hope, is the President and the Congress will recognize the mistakes of the Obama Democrats and work to avoid them, and the opposition will seek a middle ground in an effort to save whatever shards of the Obama legacy remain.  As I said, I am not optimistic, but the first year will show the direction the country will go.

Note:  This post was updated on 11/13/16 @ 5:17pm for corrections to grammar.  Content was not changed.

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