Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Whether or Not, It’s the Weather

The weather this morning is gray and overcast.  It is as if it senses the mood of the nation, and has decided the sun wasn’t going to get out of bed and brighten everyone’s mood.  Rather the sun would lounge around in its night coat, and shuffle through the day in its slippers while it sipped a cup of decaffeinated Joe, that was becoming too cool, too fast.
Maybe this will all change later, after the sun has had a chance to consider the opportunities and its mood improves, but I’m guessing not!
On a related note, the social media weather experts tell me there are no hurricanes in the immediate future, but they (the meteorologists) are keeping a watchful, or hopeful, eye out for stuff that could develop if the weather changes.  I believe I’ve moved beyond the idea that weatherman/women have our best interests at heart, and think of them as just people who have a really big office pool going on who will predict the next major weather catastrophe.  It seems more like Mega Ball than actual forecasting.
As a number of political analysts have predicted; at least ½ of the nation will wake up tomorrow feeling they have been “sucker punched” by whoever wins this election.  While I would like to feel hopeful the next President will be better than the last one or two I am not holding my breath.  The forecast for the next four years is for turbulence, intransigence, favoritism, and political graft. It really doesn’t matter which candidate wins, the top 1% will get richer, the bottom 99% will not, because integrity, honesty, and fair play does not matter to the average voter, so it won’t matter to the politicians.
The day is gray, and all the leaves are brown.

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