Monday, November 14, 2016

The Monday After.

To say the past week has been interesting would be an understatement.  On the one side, we have a rather large segment of society who does not believe in the electoral process, and has set out to find their safe spaces, or to advocate for anarchy in lieu of democracy.  On the opposing side, we have an equally large segment of society who seem relieved there will not be a continuation of the Obama policies we’ve seen for the last eight years.

I expect the spinning of this election will go on for some time, with very little movement on any of the entrenched positions.  The mainstream media, like the NY Times, will continue to vilify the President elect while hiding any defects on the opposition.  Of course they will fail to understand their decline in readership or viewership as those who look for balance seek their information elsewhere.

The emotionally distraught special snowflakes will eventually reach equilibrium even if it requires remaining in college for the duration of the Trump presidency.  I suspect funding for the paid political agitators will eventually tail off, leading to a slowing of the street performances the networks of ABCNNBCBS are calling protests, and the celebrities who’ve promised to move will disappoint the hopeful real estate agents looking to cash in on home sales.

Below are some videos I’ve selected to help qualm the fears of the various generations who are upset by this election.  The first is from Blood Sweat and Tears for people of my generation.  It should remind us that everything goes around.  Just hold on for a while and we will undoubtedly return to a more liberal leadership. 
The next two are for those distraught millennials.  The first should remind them just take deep cleansing breaths and let it go.
Finally, we have a rap tune that should speak to the corruption they feel over this unfortunate (in their opinion) election.
Have a great day!

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