Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So Here We Are

As the walrus said, “The time has come to talk of other things.”  I expect that shall not happen for quite a while, if ever, but before I do I’d like to share this interesting article from the Washington Post on the decline of the Democratic Party.

Phillip Bump, writing on November 10th laid out the direction the party has moved since the historic election of 2008.  It is only funny when compared to the proclamations of the party’s propaganda arm, ABCNNBCBS and MSNBC, that a Trump election campaign might well signal the end of the opposition Republicans.  

There is an expression in political campaigning about a candidate’s “coattails,” a rather quaint term referring back to 19th century men's apparel where a child could latch on to someone's coat and get pulled along.  We saw it in this election.   Republicans were first enthused and then repulsed by the candidate, but those who stuck with Mr. Trump were pulled along while those who abandoned him were more likely to lose.

From the data in the Post, it is obvious President Obama’s personal and policy popularity has done little, or nothing, to bolster support of the Democrats among the average middle class American.  So, in terms of coattails, it appears Mr. Obama is wearing a wind breaker.  Yet the true elites within the party, (the top politicians and the rich who pay for them), do not seem to care.  This became obvious with their coronation of Ms. Clinton.  For them it seems to be more about making sure their views are the only one within the party.

After this election perhaps it is time to ask, have we seen the end of the Democratic Party?

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