Saturday, November 19, 2016

I Think It is Safe to Assume

The US will not adopt the metric system.

 Yellowstone National Park will not blow up.

 The next four years will be filled with hate and political animosity, mostly from people who claim they are pushing for social justice and acceptance, yet appear to be a lot like social bullies, to everyone else.

 Hollywood stars will not actually keep their promises to leave, and we will continue to see them on the talk shows pushing their projects while condemning the new administration.

 The people who truly believe climate change is the number 1 threat to the nation will be disappointed as car manufacturers continue to sell more super-sized SUVs than electric cars and oil production in the US increases to keep costs to the consumer down.

 The new President will continue the tradition of the last President by claiming credit for all the good stuff, while blaming the opposition for all the bad stuff.

 The DOJ and IRS, having been turned into effective political weapons by the last administration, will continue as such -- just with a different enemies list.

 A Republican Congress will make mistakes similar to the Democratic Congress of 2009-10.

 The cost of all this will continue to raise the national debt, but the Republicans won’t spend their days complaining about it and the Democrats won’t either.

 Maybe, if we are lucky, real jobs will be created so men and women who want to work can find employment at reasonable wages.

 The religious wars, which aren’t supposed to be called religious wars, will continue.

The European Union will continue to have discord from members who see that Great Britain didn’t sink into the Atlantic as forecast.

 The Democratic National Committee and the mainstream media will pick a new, more radical approach, to condemn the Trump administration.

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