Monday, October 31, 2016

Thoughts From a Confused Old Man

Things That Confuse the Hell Out of Me.

Under the truth in philosophizing laws let me declare up front I view my intelligence as average.  That puts me at 5 on a 10-point scale.  There would be many who say that is an over estimation, and there are some who say I might be slightly above.  I also recognize in today’s society most people believe average is 8.5, but that is just one of the things that confuses me.  I am also pretty old (not really old as some would suggest), but not biologically in tune with all the social media stuff of today.  Although I do use Apple so I’ve got that hip thing going for me.

Another thing that confuses me is one of the things I saw on Facebook today.  There was a post about some family who had their son or daughter’s second tweet retweeted by the White House Agenda Twitter Urgent Provocation Control Center (WHATUP CC) showing their child cross dressing for Halloween.  They were devastated at the hateful replies their tweet received and as a consequence are voting “against hate,” I assume this means they are voting for Hillary because lord knows she is not for hate.  What confuses me on this is a) Twitter is known for its unthoughtful (oft times vitriolic) responses from people against almost anything they see. b) While enthralled that their son or daughter’s tweet was rebroadcast by the WHATUP CC they must have realized at least half the nation thinks anything coming from the WH is evil, whether it is or not, so what did they think would happen when the WHATUP CC used their innocent tweet to push its political agenda?  c) Why are you exposing your pre-adolescent to a technology you should know brings out the worst in people? And finally, d) do you really believe the Democrats and Ms. Clinton are not for hate?  Who has sent the violent demonstrators?  Who has set two standards, one for the elites and one for the common folk?  Most importantly, who has the largest body count of people who could have brought them down?

What you see as hate is the society we have become over the past 240 years.  We have become an intolerant people, especially by those who demand tolerance of their personal views and life styles.  If you think voting for HRC will change that then you are in for some rude years ahead, especially as your son/daughter turns into a teen ager and hates you for being his/her parents.

Cats!  Cats confuse the hell out of me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like animals, dogs, cats, cockatiels I’ve had a few.  As far as I know, I’ve not killed any whales (directly), nor have I decimated the North American Wolf, Deer, Antelope, Buffalo, or Coyote populations.  I thought cats were supposed to be the “leave me alone” pet of choice.  I have this 14-year-old cat we have had for about 12 years, and if I am at the keyboard he insists on laying on it.  If I am eating, he wants to stick his face into whatever I am eating to decide if he wants some or not.  If I am going to bed, he wants to go as well to make sure I assume the correct sleeping position.  The correct position involves laying where there is a space for him to bite the heck out of my hand if I don’t pet him correctly.  Cats, I often think they would make wonderful slippers.

Well that’s enough confusion for today.

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