Tuesday, June 14, 2016


In 1960, the Presidential election was about passing the torch from the older generation, i.e. men who were born in the 19th century, to the younger men of the what is now called “the Greatest Generation.”  Much was made of the youth and vigor of these new candidates.  The election of Bill Clinton marked the passing of the torch to the Baby Boomer Generation.  Looking at the Presidential field today, perhaps it is time to pass leadership once more, but who in Generation X is there to pick up the torch?  Both main parties, for different reasons, have rejected the younger candidates.  Our choices, including Mr. Sanders, have an average age of 70. If that 3 am phone call Ms. Clinton so famously advertised in 2008 comes in, who will be awake to answer it?  She’s already shown a tendency not to want to pick up the phone, and would Mr. Trump?

How long should graduation speeches be?  Perhaps if they were shorter flyover aircraft might make it back to their base.

There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance.  Nobody wants to be tolerated, everyone wants to be accepted.  Perhaps if we understood we all are bias about somethings and that benign tolerance is okay -- then we might get along just a bit better.

How should news reporting work?  Perhaps if we eliminated the so called experts brought in to tell us what they think, and stuck to letting us sort out the facts for ourselves we would understand issues better.  Or perhaps not.

If the glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere are melting, and the glaciers and ice fields in the Southern Hemisphere are growing, will the oceans only rise in the North?  Perhaps?

There is a lot of talk by the Democrats about free college for everyone, and at the same time the flight of manufacturing to other countries is on-going and encouraged by the trade deals the various Presidents (both parties), and candidates for President have supported, e.g. NAFTA and TPP.  So as the economy shrinks and the service industries like food, medical, legal, governmental, etc. grow.  Should an employee’s compensation be based on the type and number of degrees held, or the value of that employee to the company?  The interesting thing is there will be far more candidates for the job, than jobs for the candidates.  Is the principle of supply and demand something that can be ignored?  Perhaps not.

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