Sunday, January 3, 2016

It Would Be Nice!

It would be nice if life were perfect, but it isn’t.  If we could eliminate bullying, disrespect, abuse, envy, hate, intolerance, prejudice, and deception it would be nice.  Unfortunately, the question most focus on is how can we fix the government to eliminate them, not how should we change ourselves? 

As long as most people believe it is the government’s job to fix these things we won’t, for they are morality based issues and our government, no matter how willing the politicians may be, will never be effective at establishing a set of moral codes that can be universally applied.  The founding fathers recognized this and codified it in the very first amendment to the basic Constitution.

As society moves forward with programs that increase government dependence, undermine the ideals of family, and perpetuate acceptance of the idea due to some societal variance individuals are not responsible for their actions we are condemning ourselves.

It would be nice if we could make life perfect, but we can’t.  The only thing we can do is eliminate the problems in ourselves and teach our children.  Those willing to teach their children seem to be fewer each year.


Jeannette said...

And having done all else...stand..

John said...

True, thanks for the reminder.

Lambchop3 said...

Good blog post, John. This is just one of the reasons that your leadership will be missed. You are a thought leader and not just a manager.
This post also resignated with me because I am currently taking an ethics and values class and this was the topic last week.
Thanks for your insights. I always look forward to them.

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