Sunday, May 31, 2015

Understanding Power

There is a saying “Power tends to corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton).  It is amazing how quickly we are willing allow ourselves to inch our government towards absolute power in the name of safety from terrorists.
We look to our politicians to govern and in that role we overlook their flaws and hypocrisies if they but promise to do things we like.  We condemn corporations and bemoan the fact they are protected by the law just as individuals are, but we empower the government to do things we would never allow from a company – all in the name of protection.
Where is the concern and outrage over the government’s collection of vast quantities of cell phone calls?  Oh right, they are just doing that to find the terrorists so they can be stopped before something bad happens.  The ordinary man or woman has nothing to fear, unless they happen to disagree with the administration.
What we know for certain is that information can be gained by anyone with the time, talent, desire or funding to seek it, and it can be used for whatever purpose the owner chooses.
If, as we see, the current politicians want to remain in power what better way than to know what everyone is talking about so you can shape your message.  I wonder, is that why NSA spying has the support of both major parties?

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