Sunday, January 18, 2015

Free Speech

 Free Speech is a mime everyone has an opinion about.  Usually used to condemn the other side for their lack of support, it is interesting how few really want free speech.  The list is almost endless.  Everyone in today’s world seems to only want speech they like.

Liberals – speech needs to be sensitive, non-hurtful, and politically correct. Any and every phase used can and will be considered insensitive, hurtful, or wrong, unless it condemns the right, the top 1%, or the nations role in the world.  If you are talking about anything we don’t like you’re a racist and must be condemned.  The only universally acceptable speech is limited to those who promise free stuff from the Government

Religious – Speech can never question the veracity of the church (it really doesn’t matter which church), the existence of God, and for some middle eastern religions, especially not his/her prophet.  Different religions have varying degrees of violence in dealing with those who transgress.

Conservatives – any questioning on the right to own guns must immediately be shut down, any discussion suggesting the left may have a fair point needs to be challenged.  The ideas espoused by extremists are sometimes okay, other times not, depending on some formula I’ve not figured out.

Academics – Free speech is good in theory, but not on my campus, unless you are standing on the designated free speech stone.  For further clarification see: liberals.

Atheists – any discussion of God is hurtful, insensitive, incorrect and a violation of the 1st Amendment’s protection regarding separation of Church and State. Any exercise of the other protections afforded under the Amendment is not relevant, and should be banned.

Socialists – any speech condemning the party leadership must be harshly dealt with, and stopped.  The party must be the government and it must not be questioned.

Black Activists – any questioning of motives from anyone is racist.  The use of derogatory language is offensive, unless used by black entertainers and street thugs.

White Supremacists  -- see above, just change colors

The Government – we’re listening, any use of the term Tea Party means you are not liberal and subject to whatever restrictions and penalties we can figure out

Facebook users – anything stronger then Like and LOL is questionable and should be banned.

The list goes on….


Jeannette said...

Am I actually free to post a comment here? Can I just free associate before I free speak? Cool! I believe in free speech... the right to free assembly..and a free press.

There are understood exceptions: direct threats of violence are outside of that is libel .. or yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre...

I support Hebdo's right to have opinions including all the one's i don't like content and or style.

I believe that it is an individual's domain ( not to be mandated by law or force from others, but one's own conscience only) to temper one's rights with responsibility, awareness etc.

Ironically I find both the freedom and the personal restraint in the NT Scriptures, I attended a liberal university and am a conservative politically. Do I fit in any of the boxes you made or am I an exception that proves the rule...or am I just kidding myself?

I disagree with some of your examples...discourse in disagreement is the exercise of free speech...not disregard or suspension of it.

John said...

Thanks for the comments, and for the sake of simplicity my examples are rudimentary. Disagreement and discourse are, as you accurately point out, the exercise of free speech, but what I intend to illuminate are the ad hominem responses, not a rational or reasoned debate.

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