Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Night Before the Morning After

It is amusing to switch between the networks and see the political spin each puts on their projections.  ABC quickly calls NH for the Democratic candidate, while Fox procrastinates for over an hour.  CNN seems to be in its own world with Wolf Blitzer breaking in with “Major Projections” like “the Iowa polls have just closed but it is too close to call.”  Thanks for playing Wolf!
CNN’s world seems to be running about 15-30 minutes behind everyone else so watching their reports is kind of like watching the half time recap of a football game.  If you missed the first call you can get it fresh when CNN finally decides. 
Speaking of CNN, Jay Carney should go back to being a White House spokesman, because he certainly cannot offer an unbiased opinion on any issue he discusses.  Each and every input goes back to how the President could have helped this or that candidate, if only they had asked.
It is always nice to know that the three most populated Democratic counties in Florida still cannot get their act together, and actually report on the vote counts the same time the rest of the state does.  I wonder are they still using the same paper ballots that made them so famous in the 2000 election?
I saw some are complaining about reelecting the Governor of NY.  I would suggest the population gets what it deserves.  I’ve seen the commercials where he is offering tax-free benefits and grants if businesses will move to the state.  Sounds like FL, just without the Sun and the popular support for business as part of the state government.

Regardless of the outcome of the election I would like to hope the Executive and Legislative branches would work together, but I am not optimistic.  There is nothing in the last six years that indicates the President is really willing to seek compromise, choosing instead to condemn and vilify those who disagree with him.  The only thing a change in the Senate will accomplish is perhaps some legislation will actually move from the House to the Senate and on to the President for his veto.

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