Friday, November 7, 2014


It is early, reveille has not yet sounded and I am awake, refreshed and ready to face the day.  I know that sounds strange.  I should be in bed, snoozing quietly next to my wife and waiting for some alarm clock to mark the start of the day.  I relish this time, for the solitude and peace it affords.
About six years ago I had this observation, unfortunately my fears proved justified, the Democratic majority chose not to govern, but to rule.  I have the same hope the for this new majority; seek middle ground, chose to build bridges rather than burn them, but again I am not optimistic.  There are too many voices rising up in condemnation of that approach.  Too many people who are only interested in themselves or their causes, too many who point fingers or twist the truth to suit their purpose.  How long before these new Senators or Representatives are gathered in by the promise of fame and power?
The rhetoric does not change on either side, and more importantly I am not sure the President has the ability to shed either the style or the substance of his first six years.  In some ways I see great similarity to the second term of Richard Nixon where, as he fought for his political survival, the Office of the President became increasingly separated from the nation it represented.  As a man and the President he was vilified and condemned, isolated and challenged, until in the end he was finally confronted with his weaknesses and his inability to politically maneuver as he had done so successfully all this life.  There are different voices this time, but the feeling of having seen this melodrama play out is inescapable.  The difference is the extremes, both in defense and condemnation, are so much louder than I remember. 
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As a good friend pointed out -- we really aren’t a Red State/Blue State nation we are a rural/urban nation.  These maps from the NY Times reflect that observation.  You will see where Democrats are strong is where there are cities and dense population centers like Long Island or Costal California that are capable of controlling the vote.  Republicans and independents are, for the most part, strong in the towns and villages where independence and self-reliance seem to be more critical qualities for the population and smaller government involvement in their lives is valued.

Well the next two years will be interesting. 

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