Thursday, July 4, 2013


Representative Government is a messy thing.  A little over a year ago our government supported the overturning of an allied, but autocratic, regime in the name of democracy.  They encouraged the election of a new government, and for better or worse, Egypt had its elections; the Muslim Brotherhood with the better organization and Mohamed Morsi was elected.  Many in our Government expressed confidence in this new administration, and were pleased the military did not intervene to maintain the status quo.  In the course of moving to consolidate power and implement an Islamic Theocracy, the economy suffered, people became disenchanted, and the military has now staged a coup to replace Morsi and restrict the influence of the Brotherhood.
We see in our own country any number of groups, dissatisfied with the government, form organizations to campaign for change.  The politicians support or condemn them based on their perceived political gain or loss.  We see politicians accuse their opponents of terrorism, or war against a particular group or groups, but as vitriolic as the talk may become it is, at the end of the day, only talk.  So why are we different?  What makes us willing to wait for the elections, or even when the elections go against us, accept the results and move on?
On this day, where we remember the bold and courageous decisions made by the few representatives in the 2nd Continental Congress, and although many forget the risk and sacrifice they made I believe we still hold fast to the foundation they established.  We are a nation founded not to serve a King, but that government exists to serve the people.  The people still feel they have a voice, although sometimes it seems we may forget that in the din of so many shouted positions. 
Also, and I note this only in passing because it has become so accepted, our military serves the nation through civilian oversight.  They swear an oath to protect and defend an ideal not an individual, and although there are individuals who may violate that oath, as institutions the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard never have.  I pray they never do.

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