Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Slippery Slope

I agree with Rand Paul, period, dot.  When we begin to rationalize why it may, hypothetically, kind of maybe, sometimes, be okay to violate the safeguards of our constitution we begin the rationalization why it is okay for government to do whatever it thinks is necessary to ensure safety, protect us from ourselves, fulfill a political agenda, or keep a politician in power as long as they want.
The reason we have a constitution is to stop that last potential.  The people who are critical of him have, perhaps, been in power too long themselves and have lost sight of the fact the constitution is intended to limit government, not expand it.

1 comment:

Gino said...

hell fukin Yeah!

this new 'drone power' is dangerous.
sure, it would have been stupid of Lincoln to send an army of defense lawyers to the Gettysburg battlefield...

but what i see happening is the fed's attempt at sending drones to incinerate the dude at Ruby Ridge (who won in a court of law)

the 5th is there for a reason. get that.

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