Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just a Simple Question for My Friends

As I mowed my yard today I got to thinking about utopia, and how great it would be if we had it.  Then I realized that is what the Progressives promise us, and that if we were to only allow them to control everything we would, in fact, be taken to that wonderful place.
Then as I edged my yard, and pruned my bushes, I started to wonder if there was a place where the Democrats have had almost unbridled control long enough to see their visions realized?  Someplace where unions have a say in how workers were treated, and how the government should be run so we can all reach what Abraham Maslow described as “self-actualization.”  A place where all the workers work for the common good, those who don’t feel like working don’t have to, and there was universal healthcare for everyone.  I figured it would probably take at least a whole generation, 32 years, of solid Progressive Democratic leadership to get rid of all the bad influences that would interfere with utopia so are there places that have had at least 32 years of non-stop Democratic leadership?  If there are, then they should be pretty close to that great society promised us by President Johnson. 
After I finished the front yard I took a break to see if I could find Utopia, instead I found Detroit.  Since January 2, 1962, they have had solid, non-stop, Progressive Democratic leadership.  Yet they are on the verge of bankruptcy and are in a financial crisis?  How can that be, or is that what utopia is supposed to look like?  I am not sure how you can be busy self-actualizing when you are worried about whether or not the fire department is manned? 
So my simple questions, mostly to my Progressive friends are these. Why isn’t Detroit a good example of the benefits of large Progressive government?  Is there a better example of what a city would look like if there weren’t a Conservative counterbalance?

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