Thursday, June 1, 2017

The World Will End.

There are only three things certain in life.  Death, taxes, and political ranting by the minority party and their faithful.  I have to smile, perhaps a scotch induced smile, at the extremism of sentiment on President Trumps latest decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Those who favor the accord are striking out in condemnation and anger.  By the way, these are always persuasive techniques to bring others to your side.  "President Trump has sealed his legacy as the worst President in history with this single choice."  Polease… give the man a break, he has another three years to lock up that position, assuming he can wrestle the previous President from it.

I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing I am one of the few people who’ve actually read the accords before the President made his decision.  Retired life will do that to you.  You read stuff and actually think about it.  Granted, I am not as smart as the MIT economists who worked up the Affordable Care Act, but I did at least figure out how to read and occasionally even understand the words.

All those who are so outraged today, mostly the same people who think that Kathy Griffin is a comedic genius, are getting in their private jets to fly to exclusive resorts to complain about how bad this is for the world.  A world they don’t live in.  Those who make $500,000 or more a year should probably be looking to move away from the coast since the seas will rise pretty soon.  Maybe Death Valley will become lake front property soon?  I assume Elon Musk has decided to move to Mars. 

The sad fact is, I don’t know what the real science says anymore because all science has become suspect based on what political agenda is being pushed.  Anyone who says otherwise is full of climate change induced hot air.

Those who support the President are -- to use the words made famous by Ms. Clinton, deplorable.  They are not thinking of what is best for the politicians of the second and third world who will be enriched by the administrative jobs created by the accords, or the transfer of wealth from the rich countries to the rulers of the poor countries as carbon credits are bought and sold, no they are only thinking about the jobs and survival of their families as we create yet another costly regulation.  Shame on them for wanting a better life now where they send less money to the governments and keep more for themselves.  Not that it is likely taxes will get lowered any time soon.

As for me… I’ve decided to start working on a carbon neutral environmentally friendly ark made up of old Campbell soup cans and fueled by the chemtrails I’ve been collecting every time an Air Force jet flies overhead.

 ADDED 2 Jun 2017:  It was pointed out to me that much like Britain's exit from the European Union there is a process for US withdrawal from the Paris agreement.  If curious about that process read Article 28


Mitch DeLaRosa said...

At the risk of sounding like a young staff sergeant bucking for a STEP promotion, I'm agreeing with you once again, John! Usually the only time high Liberal politicians and pundits come unglued over an issue or action is when they are going to lose a lot of money or power because of it. I think the Paris Accord was a solid first step for the "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT" crowd, and it would have given them a 100-year long ability to wag their finger at any policy by any major nation and say, "That's not in accordance with the Accord!" Wall Street lefties were prepared to set up environmental "brokers" who could swap carbon credits on the world market and make a nice living for themselves. Now they have to go make an honest buck like the rest of us schmoes. As Dan Akroyd's character in Ghostbusters once lamented, "I've been in the private sector. It's awful! They expect you to produce results!..."

John said...


I don't know if I would consider the climate accord as a solid first step to a one-world government, especially in light of all the other solid first steps we've made. I think of this more along the line of a feel good agreement by those who've already bought into the idea the UN should be running things, but we still have that tricky national sovereignty problem and the accord has no teeth to overcome that problem. Everything it suggests still depends on voluntary compliance. How often do we see that these days?

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