Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day, 2017

Today is Father’s Day
I learned today Father’s Day became a holiday in 1972, although the Catholic church has recognized the importance of fatherhood since the mid-14th century as St. Joseph day.  As I think about fatherhood the word that comes to mind is leadership.
In a traditional family, the father is not normally associated as the primary caregiver of children, but a good father’s influence is inescapable.  He stands quietly in the background providing the support and guidance that enables his family to survive and flourish in the world, much in the same way the head of a business does not do all the work, but fills in where needed while providing the direction forward.
To lead requires an individual who will put petty annoyance aside, but is able to resolve conflict with the least amount of pain.
He is an arbitrator of things great and small, with the wisdom of Solomon.
A disciplinarian with the patience of Job.
A supporting cast member with the ability to step into the lead when the star is sick.
A director with the confidence to listen to all the prima donnas as they seek a larger role.
And finally, a father is love.  A love that knows when boundaries should expand and when a safety net is needed.
To all the fathers – Good luck, and go with God.

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