Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Taste and Tasteless

The entertainment industry has come a long way from its early origins during the Pleistocene Epoch, when troops of Neanderthals wandered from cave to cavern entertaining the residents with the crude humor of the day – generally involving skits showing the foibles of everyday life like getting eaten by a large cat (an age before litter boxes), or crushed by a woolly mammoth.

That style of humor was transitioned into the modern era by the comedic genius of Moe Howard.  Moe, his friend Larry Fine, and a string of brothers, or brother look-alikes, entertained at least two generations of families and inspired millions of children to learn the art of the eye poke and the (then) recently developed eye poke block.

Today the humorist styling of the Neanderthals and the Three Stooges is carried forward, politically refreshed, and feminized, by the likes of Kathy Griffin, a second or third-tier personality who in an effort to amuse her fans has taken to the new social media to poke fun at display her slicing wit and offer the same social comedy as previous generations of mean spirited comics. I am not sure the Neanderthals would have approved of the mean spirit.  After all, their art was done for fun and they had to live with their audiences after the show was over.

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