Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's a Question of Civility in Society.

What is Civility in the Modern World?
I used to think I understood civility, but I no longer believe I do.  I realize I no longer understand the modern definition of civil conversation.  It certainly does not reflect what it used to be, and for that I am sad.
By now I am sure anyone with internet access is aware the face of CBS late night, Stephen Colbert, said President Trump's mouth was only good to serve as Vladimir Putin’s “Cock Holster.”  A few years ago, this kind of talk on national media would have been unthinkable, today it seems to be expected.  Public outrage may require some faux apology, but I expect little else.
Apparently, this could be considered a homophobic slur, and if Colbert does apologize it will probably be for that, rather than the disrespect for the President. 

I am thankful I have lived my years up to yesterday never having heard that expression, or having to understand its intent.  Well those days have passed, and I am the poorer for my new knowledge.  We as a nation are poorer for the fact we have lowered the bar on civil conversation.  Yea us.

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