Friday, May 12, 2017

How Do You Define Insanity? (with apologies to those who are)

The nice thing about opinions is everyone has one.  The bad thing about opinions is some think theirs are so important they get paid to spout them, or they fire them off without questioning their own wisdom.
One writer’s opinion (Scott Adams of Dilbert fame), is President Trump is a genius at persuasion and his whole approach is a rather purposeful plan to achieve a goal, which we may not fully understand.
Meanwhile, most of the public media of ABCNNBCBS, NPR, MSNBC, and the print media of most major metropolitan areas believe the man is just insane, and they color every snippet of news involving the president with that view.
Some, who defend the President, cite the fact he is famously rich; as if this is some defense against insanity.
Others, who despise him, cite the fact he is famously rich; as if this is some proof he has become insane.
If arrogance, and a belief you are always right, is insanity then almost every politician I know would be classified as insane.  But still we elect and reelect them, and expect they will do great things.  So, who are really the insane ones in our political system?
Consider this hypothetical:  You know the media and a vocal minority will be outraged at every single thing you do, but your predecessors have shown you can do almost anything without the fear of impeachment if your party controls at least one house of the Congress.  Why should you act like everyone thinks you should?  What is the incentive?
How about a line from a Mel Brooks movie, The History of the World, Part 1, “It’s good to be the king.”

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