Saturday, January 21, 2017

Funny Things from the Internet on Trump’s Inauguration

1.     All the memes about the inauguration attendance, or lack of. (As if this will somehow affect the next four years.)
2.    The memes talking about how the President is a temporary employee who works for us (the people).  (Especially funny when from the progressive organizations, since it kind of mirrors the Trump position.)
3.    Comparisons by some that Trump’s speech reminds them of Hitler’s speech of 1932, which exactly none of them attended, but may have watched on YouTube.  (I assume we can expect “Trump is Hitler/Mussolini” vilification for the next four years.)
4.    Franklin Graham’s notation that rain was a sign of blessing from God.  (There are a fair number of verses on rain, mostly relevant to the growing and gathering of crops, but we should not forget that it was through rain that God destroyed man for his sins, so I have to go with the fact rain is, at best, a mixed sign.)
5.     Talk of all the Congressional Democratic politicians who chose to not attend the ceremony, and how that number has not been seen since 1861 when Lincoln took the oath.  (For the left they are easily comparable to the Jacksonian Democrats of the South, for the right they can now note that Lincoln freed the slaves despite the non-attendance of those southern Democrats.)
6.    The condemnation of violence (rioting) by a handful of Democratic politicians.  (I find this funny for there was not even a whisper of condemnation when President Obama was still in office.)

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Gino said...

the republic we once believed in is on its death throes. we are witness to this.

part of the reason why i voted for Trump was because i didnt think there was anything left to viably save. what damage he might do wouldnt matter anymore.

i'll be talking more on related topics as the weeks and months roll on...

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