Monday, September 26, 2016

Life Lessons

A couple of Gin and Tonics before watching a baseball game at the Tropicana Stadium in St. Petersburg FL makes the game a lot more enjoyable.  The nice lady at the spirits concession by gate 6 now recognizes me because we have been to so many games this year.
Listening to the lady tell visitors what to do, or not do, when they visit the live rays tank is almost worth the price of admission.  Apparently you are not supposed to actually climb in and swim with them… who knew?
Ted Williams has a “Hitters Hall of Fame” at the Trop… I looked, his head was not there.
On a scale of 1 to 5 most of the food at the Trop is off scale low.  But the aforementioned Gin and Tonics help.
Finally, if your wife spends enough money on Red Sox memorabilia the Ted Williams group will give you a small piece of submarine sandwich and a couple of pieces of cold chicken to show their appreciation, but they won’t show you his head… I didn’t ask, so maybe they would.

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