Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Monosynaptic Reflex

As we watch the debacle that is this year’s Presidential  campaign I wonder if we are seeing the end of the two party system in the US?  On the one hand we’ve seen an outsider come into one party and destroy his career politician opponents in a primary system that has left the hierarchy in disarray.  On the other, we’ve seen a corrupt party hierarchy control their system so only their preferred candidate is crowned, and the usurper pushed aside.

And what have those two different approaches given us?  Two extremely flawed candidates; either of whose election promises to tear apart the nation even further than it is today.

I am not sure how Mr. Trump chooses his spokes-people, but he does seem to have a gift for picking people who can only help his opponent as they try and explain his statements.  On the other hand, Ms. Clinton does seem to benefit from a news corps that leans heavily to her side, perhaps from fear they too would be found in an alleyway if they got too close to a secret she wanted kept private.

It is almost as if we are watching a modern rendition of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, or maybe Hamlet?

1 comment:

Jeannette said...

It is indeed a sad spectacle...

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