Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm Sorry, but Stupidity is Not an Excuse.

I stumbled across this today as the weather rained down on me. 

I have to laugh at how so many with alternative life styles believe the Islamic States of the Middle East are welcoming havens for them.  As glamorous and rich as Dubai may be it is still an Islamic state.  As glamorous and internet famous as you think yourself to be you are still viewed as a deviant by Islam. 

People who view their own self-importance as beyond that of the average working man or woman seems to fall into these kind of traps. 

It is like the movie star who will fly a private jet back and forth across the nation to complain about carbon emissions at a glamorous gala, and support the President who will fly his 747 to Spain for a day or two to tell the world how we need to abolish fossil based fuels and lower our carbon foot print.

As I try and figure out why liberal academics are so enamored with fundamental Islam, and their desire to return to the middle ages, and so despise the only democracy in the Middle East these types of stupid examples keep coming up.

Yet the Democratic Candidate for President seems to embrace the current administrations love for Islamic law.  I am so confused.

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