Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Lost and Found

I assume from the beginning of time and space there must have been things lost and at the same time things found.  Leading me to this theory.  The universe is a really big mall, even bigger than the Mall of America, King of Prussia Mall, or for super-size "the New South China Mall.As such, it must have a lost and found booth.  I wonder what we would find in it?
Let’s start with privacy.  When the universe was, as modern science tells us, a single dense point it had all the universe to itself.  BANG there goes the neighborhood.  Now there are all kinds of galaxies, black holes, stars and planets cluttering up the place.  Whoever is in charge has done a poor job of setting up the zoning codes to keep things orderly.  My county commissioners have chosen to follow this universal model of zoning oversight so we have multi-million dollar homes located conveniently next to $50,000 construction marvels.  Kind of like in Brazil where the rich live within the walls of their property while the poor live on the other side of the wall in cardboard boxes.
Understanding.  Again in the beginning we understood we didn’t know everything and perhaps there was a higher power or guiding force for our lives, our planet, or star system, and our universe.  What should we place our faith for a future in?  What should we do to establish order and harmony within our society?  Along came someone who said he understood and brought down the word from above.  This gave the people new understandings.  It also created classes, jealousy and envy.  Eventually a new guy (or gal) would find some new understanding and bring down new tablets.  Sometimes the people in charge would claim divine guidance and next thing you know there is are a bunch of pyramids laying around.  So here we are today where everyone has their own, customized and unique, understanding and everyone else is full of bull feathers.  Come to think, I wonder if understanding was really lost or just never existed.
Humility.  Until “Star Trek” taught us we were not quite as good as the Vulcans, but far better than the Romulans and Klingons we were a humble people, one small spec in the cosmos.  We mostly kept our opinions to ourselves and engaged in gossip and backstabbing on a local level.  Now that we’ve lost that humility we engage in a global and perhaps galactic level of pontification.  We all know more than everyone else, just ask me!
Insight.  An ancient philosophizer once said “There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading.  The few who learn by observation.  The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”  We have cultivated a society where few people seem to understand what they read, fewer still observe the universe around them, and the majority really don’t even learn after they pee.  We accept the pabulum from our preferred media as if every grain of it is either completely true.  By the way, I will say I’ve only peed on electric fences I thought were turned off.  Usually I was right.
Well the sprinklers are done and I can go clean up the yard so this is enough thinking for today.  I hope both of you who will read this far have a great day.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Thanks. The day is looking pretty fine so far. For my part, I'm going to kick back and continue reading Either/Or by Kierkegaard. How much of it I'll understand is an open question.

John said...

Back at you W.B. I hope you can share your enlightenment with the flock in the simple and humble terms they will appreciate and enjoy. A couple of lines of verse might help.

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