Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day, 2016

     The day will come when we no longer sacrifice the greatest wealth of our nation to right a wrong, or to stop an evil.  The only question will be, is it because there is no evil and all the wrongs have been righted, or is it because we are no longer?

     Our land existed before man, and it will exist after mankind has disappeared.  It is dirt and rock, streams, rivers and lakes, it is trees and grasses, mountains and valleys, but our nation is much more than a fortunate circumstance on a great land.  It is an idea that became an ideal, it is a promise realized, an opportunity taken.  We have strength, for those who are weak, we have will, for those who seek change, we have hope for those who are without hope, but we are fragile.  Each day we decide if we continue or we end, each day we seek to be united or we chose to support tyranny.  In the pursuit of power there are those who would divide us with their deeds, who choose to condemn us with their actions, who tolerate no dissent from their position.  They are like a cancer to our freedom.  What they say is undermined by what they do.

     This Memorial Day, like every Memorial Day since its creation, is a time to reflect on the price we have paid to keep these united states together.  We have sent generation after generation of our young men and women as payment for an ideal.  We are not a perfect nation.  Nothing created by man can ever be, but we have raised our young, tried to teach them about freedom, and hoped to inspire them to greatness beyond what we could imagine.  Now in our 16th year of a war with no end in sight we seem to be on the precipice of some great decision.  But, we have almost reached a point of stasis, where the loss of our young is acceptable and we become immune to the cost to our humanity. 

     Please don’t let that happen.  Don’t let their sacrifice to keep this nation as “one nation indivisible” be in vain.  If you are so inclined, pray for them for they know the end of war, but also pray for us, because we don’t.

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W.B. Picklesworth said...

I struggle these days with a day like Memorial Day. I am no longer able to lay hold of the easy patriotism that I once knew, but I am unwilling to grab the cynicism that I see in some of those who share many of my beliefs. I'm not willing to say that America always fights "to defend freedom" nor am I even willing to say that we are free. But there is something unseemly in despising soldiers and sailors, airmen and marines who have died in military service. The sacrifice is real even if the motives of our political class or our nation are not pure.

I had the opportunity to speak at the Memorial Day service in my small town and I was hoping I could strike a balance between speaking with personal integrity and paying real honor to those who have died in military service. I was a little worried. Thankfully the reaction was positive.

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