Saturday, February 27, 2016

If I Could Ask the Questions.

If I were allowed to question the candidates here are the questions I’d ask, starting with the Democrats.

Senator Sanders, you advocate for free healthcare for all Americans.  You are currently on the Senate Oversight Committee for Veteran’s Affairs.  We have seen the scandals within the VA healthcare program from the lack of oversight, accountability, and discipline.  Why, when you can’t administer a rather limited model of universal healthcare, do you think a national system would be more affordable, more efficient, and less corrupt than the VA?

Secretary Clinton, we have seen your performance as First Lady where you led your husband’s failed attempt to overhaul the healthcare system in the 90s, you’ve grown your foundation through significant funding from foreign sources, we have seen your performance as a Senator from NY where you supported both the Iraq War you now condemn, and the bailout of the Wall Street Bankers under the TARP act, you pushed a false narrative on the Libyan attack in Benghazi, and finally you are currently under investigation for bypassing the government server system and using a system built by your personal organization.  What in all these roles reflects your ability to build consensus, understand the needs of the American people putting them first in decisions, and support your position that you exercise sound judgment?

Mr. Trump, other than bluster, bullying, denigration, and threats to sue your opponents, what experience or skills have you demonstrated showing you would abide by the US Constitution and work within its framework of checks and balances.  How would you achieve broad bipartisan support for your agenda, consensus with our allies, and a strong economy that benefits not only the billionaires like yourself, but the working poor and middle class?

Senator Cruz, as a devote evangelical and confrontational Senator, what assurances can you offer to show you too understand the roles of the three branches and put forward an agenda that does not exclude a significant portion of our nation, approaches legislation in a bipartisan manner, and maintains the role of the state as envisioned by our founders as a sectarian state rather than a theocracy?

Senator Rubio, we see in your campaign a lot of condemnation for the policies of the current President, and how they have hurt America.  Over the past six years the Congress has been more or less gridlocked in partisan bickering and confrontations with the Executive Branch. Is there anything other than your assurance, that indicates you would be any different than the last first term Senator this nation elected?

Governor Kasich, you have experience as a Congressman, a Wall Street Banker, and as Governor.  Ohio seems to be doing well today, but this nation is a lot bigger than Ohio.  What would you do to build bipartisan support within Congress, and move to reestablish Glass-Steagall like protections that separated the roles of investment and banking to ensure Wall Street and the banks don’t engage in the corrupt practices that contributed to the 2008 financial crash?

Doctor Carson, you’ve participated now in two campaigns, you have a strong evangelical background, are an articulate voice for your issues, and reflect a quiet dignity.  How would you approach the role of President where you need to inspire the entire nation, work with those who oppose your point of view, build trust from our allies, and respect from our opponents? Can you give an example of where you've actually done this?

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