Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Evolution of Evolution

In the beginning there was nothing, and this led to really sketchy record keeping.  So when there was something and those who cared about such things thought about it they figured there must be some higher power at work.  This does not seem to be an un reasonable assumption for those who believe there is more to the universe than what little they understand.
Then came those who, like Copernicus and Galileo, questioned the the writings of the ancients and proposed a new theory of how species have reached the state we have.  At the time those radical new ideas did not reject the concept of a higher power, but attempted to explain how things were set into motion.
Finally, there are those who reject the concept of God, and find in the writings of the past the justification for their non-belief, choosing to worship the gods of science.  This group for all their claims of independence appear little different from all the other religions mankind has developed.
We need only to look back at to our earliest writings to find that an organized set of beliefs are what binds society.  Whether a set of gods, including the deceased ancestors like China, or god on earth like the Egyptians, or a monotheistic one like the Hebrews, the belief system was fundamental to the stability of a society.   

As new belief systems gained popular acceptance they must, for it is the nature of man, denigrate and condemn the systems they would replace.  Isn’t that what we see in the world today, where the powerful beliefs of the current religions are attacked by the public voices of the new?

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