Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thoughts on Republican Stupidity

My views on the future for this country are getting pretty depressing.  When the media’s favorite Democratic candidate believes Republican’s are her enemies, and their favorite Republican candidate is a self-centered blowhard who enjoys belittling and insulting anyone who asks a hard question, then exactly what kind of leadership we expect out of the next election? When less then half the nation turns out to vote they reflect a distain for self-governing that begs for the totalitarian state.
Clearly the Democratic party understands and plays to this, condemning those who attempt to make hard choices or get in their way.  The President’s distain for consensus and a willingness to circumvent the Congress, and use the instruments of power to seek out his political enemies takes us closer to that state.  Think of it like Richard Nixon, except on 'roids.  Perhaps it is prophetic that the media has begun calling key political appointees czars, for as we continue down this path we will someday reflect the political landscape of Czarist Russia where connections to the right people equals work, and the political class rides on the backs of the serfs.
I didn’t watch the “Hillary and Enemies” reality show.  To be honest it didn’t interest me; I knew a year ago neither side was actually about improving security or reducing risk to Americans stationed in regions of conflict, or actually explaining the actions of the government once the attack began.  This administration made its choices and deflected the ramifications of those choices way back in 2012 when the majority of this country decided, as Ms. Clinton had, “At this point what does it matter?”  Oh sure there were some that cared, but the majority didn’t, or they would have asked hard questions of the President during the campaign.  Instead we saw people like Candy Crowley stepping in to help the President backtrack on the original administration position that the Libyan attack on 9/11 was a spontaneous uprising caused by someone upset by a video and not a preplanned event that could have been foreseen.
The fact the Republicans in the Congress have continued to make this an issue reflects just how out of touch they are with the evolving social willingness to hold no one responsible for anything, unless they can be publically flogged and berated on television.  I come to this conclusion in a quite straightforward manner.  Look at the news and entertainment industries, what do they condition the masses to want?  News on the latest celebrity overdose, the sexual roadshows of a variety of people who are famous for being famous, or condemnation of historical events in our past they find distasteful. 
Even the dimmest of House Republicans had to know Ms. Clinton would view this as an opportunity to show her superiority and distain, and when half the committee and a goodly percentage of the media are clearly functioning as her apologists then why would Republicans move forward with this piece of theater?  All they have done is feed the spin machine for the Democratic party faithful.

So what if Ms. Clinton has never really accomplished anything on her own, so what if she and her husband have made millions of dollars through selling their influence, why does it matter that she will take any position she sees as politically expeditious?  To her supporters at this point it just doesn’t matter.

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