Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Few Thoughts from Utopia

When people who claim to be intelligent - say dumb stuff like “The science on this is settled,” how should a reasonable person respond?  
Call me a heretic, but I thought science was about continuing discovery, and the basis for that was to challenge the popular beliefs.  If the science on something is settled why should we spend another dime on research for it?  Wouldn’t the money be better spent on something we don’t know how to fix, like poverty?
 As we enter the age of the robot, and they take over those tasks we don’t want to do, what kind of evolution should we expect?  Will they form tribal relationships or will they remain solitary individuals? For industrial robots, how long before they unionize and demand cleaner power or their human mechanics be replaced by better robotic maintenance?

If everyone goes to College, what is the value of College?  Why not just extend High School four years and reduce universities and their staffs to only post graduate work until we decide everyone should have a Masters?

Gun Control in the United States – Assuming, for just a minute, the Administration were to ignore the Constitutional provisions for guns; exactly what kind of new laws could effectively reduce the use of guns in violent crime?  With the current workload of the criminal court system and our adversarial trial system does anyone who looks at this problem rationally think the outlawing of guns could be actually implemented?

Socialists have been advocating for classless society.  Looking at today’s political dialogue I would say they got their way.  Most of the comments I read are classless.

If an avowed Independent can run for the Democratic Party’s nomination, why is anyone surprised when a blustery rich guy runs for the Republican’s

Gallup polling in June of this year suggests only 8% of Americans have confidence in Congress and their confidence in the Supreme Court and the President are at or near their all-time lows.  What then accounts for the almost 90% reelection rate for incumbent Representatives and Senators?  I suspect it is greed and apathy on the part of the American electorate.

This has been a tragic week for Batman fans.  First the Maryland Batman was struck and killed when his Bat-mobile broke down.  And now news from Gotham is that Batgirl’s alter ego Yvonne Craig has passed away as well.

For a nation whose origins come from insurgency our politicians seem as completely incapable of understanding how to fight it as the English King and his Prime Minister were in the 18th Century when we staged ours.

It seems somewhat contradictory that an organization whose mission statement says “…[it] believes in the fundamental right of each individual throughout the world to manage his or her fertility… further believe that such self-determination will contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life and strong family relationships” would have parenthood in its name.  Oh by the way, is there any research that shows this organization’s work has actually led to development of strong family relationships in society?

Finally, I just like this puppy poster.  Everyone loves puppies.
And I just like this...

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