Friday, April 3, 2015

Life's Journey

Life’s Journey

I am blessed beyond all that I should be, but that is not to say my life is perfect, for since I am human it is not possible.   As we enter this most reflective of seasons it is a good to consider life’s gifts and the challenges.   I have no great desire to proselytize, and it is certainly not my intent, but I do wonder from time to time for those that who have chosen to place their faith only in themselves how they balance the joys and the sorrows of life?

My life has been a journey; in fact all our lives are such.  We are moving, always moving, for if we don’t we lose our way and struggle to understand the changes.  There was a time when I thought God had forsaken me, a time when I believed there was no greater being to share my pain, my fear, or problems.  I, like so many today, thought that religion was a crutch, and the cause of the world’s conflict.  Without religion we would all be rational and peace would reign.  As I grew older I came to recognize the foolish arrogance of this and changed my views to those that carry me forward today.

Man is a flawed being, as a psychologist points out we can place society into three classes.  There is the flock, peaceful people who seek only to find the joy of life, live for their families and form the basis of society.  Then there are predators who prey on the flock, seeking their own survival at the cost of others.  Finally there are the guardians, those who will sacrifice themselves to protect the flock.  I’ve been privileged to serve with these men and woman, I’ve watched as some made the ultimate sacrifice to save their flock.

Easter should remind us that Christ stood to protect us from evil, giving us life through his sacrifice.  He has risen so that we may be assured of life.

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Jeannette said...

So beautifully said, John. I find myself praying often for the guardians. Thank you.

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