Friday, January 9, 2015

Who Are the Masters?

These past several months we have seen protests emanating from various urban communities about the perceived inequities of policing.  In the vernacular of twitter this is summed up in #Blacklivesmatter.  In fact, the organizers of this movement take great umbrage if that hash tag is altered to #Alllivesmatter for they claim in undermines their position.  If you consider this in the broader context the hypocrisy of this position is truly a sad statement about the lack of consistency in the movement that claims to fight for black lives.
If I understand the political ideology of the movement’s advocates correctly, I come away with the belief they are principally urban, liberal, social progressives arguing against the police who are portrayed as wolves within a society of innocents.  I won’t debate the values or the dangers of the police forces we have organized, trained and equipped, but I would like to focus on the moral inconsistency of the theory that #Blacklivesmatter to the urban, liberal and social progressive movement in America today.
Let’s start with the smallest and most defenseless of #Blacklives.  Since 1973 approximately 13,000,000 African-American embryos/fetus/viable infants have been aborted.  African American woman are roughly 13% of the American female population but account for about 36% of the abortions.  In that same period of time approximately 4.8 million African Americans died from other causes including disease, accidents and violent crime.[1] It is the urban, liberal, social progressives who argue so passionately for a woman’s right to terminate her infants life -- so how much do #Blacklivesmatter really?
If we foster a culture where the lives of the most defenseless count for so little why are we surprised when within that African American community the lives of the children and young people are equally cheap?  It appears violence against children is slowing down, but finding a study from 2001 we had a rate of 2.6/100,000 -- substantially higher than that of any other developed country.  The report noted “Rates are substantially higher for African American juveniles.”[2]
In 2005 the Bureau of Justice Statistics noted that African Americans accounted for nearly half of all homicide victims and the majority of those murders were intraracial.[3]  So again, what is the cause and effect?  Is it based purely on poverty, social density, and interpersonal friction, or have we pushed African Americans into a culture where we encourage violence through the advocacy of choice?
If you wanted to find a way to enslave a population and ensure they could never escape from that enslavement what better way than to create policies where they will make choices that lead to their own destruction.  It seems, in looking at the reality of our society, the vanguard of the liberal-progressive movements have found a way accomplish that very thing.  Under the guise of benevolent benefactors they keep 15% of the population indebted to the government for their survival, encourage them to limit their population through state sanctioned violence, discourage the concepts of initiative and personal responsibility that would lead to self-reliance, and then periodically inflame their passion against some visible opponent.  It strikes me this is not so much different than what the Emperors did in Rome with the Coliseum. 
It is unfortunate that those who do rise out of this enslavement to positions of authority are so indoctrinated they become overseers themselves, seeking all the rewards of those whose bidding they’ve done, while encouraging the continuation of policies to ensure the masters remain in control.

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