Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Life is full of transitions, each one presents challenges, each one offers rewards.  Recently, I've had reason to consider the next transition in my life.  The professional life I've know since graduation from college is drawing to a close.  Each day I see the divide between my view and the views of both my subordinates and superiors widen.  I don't believe they are wrong, any more than I believe I am right, both are shaped by experience, and theirs is different than mine.

So, as Roy Rogers once said to Dale Evans, "should we stuff Trigger, or just bury him?" I am now beginning the transition to retirement and the uncertainties that word brings.  As I read fairy tales to my grandchildren I think how nice it would be if my fairy godmother would wave her magic wand and remove the doubts and fears.  Have I saved enough?  What will I do to fill my days?  Where will we live?  These, and a hundred others float through my noggin as I sip my coffee.

My training has taught me how to handle these uncertainties -- first in a priority and then in the ability to affect the outcome.  For example, the best time to lower the landing gear on an aircraft is before landing. Doing so after landing never has a positive outcome on the overall effort, so as I spend the next year in this transition I know I will address each of my challenges so come retirement day I can step into the new life.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

I hope that retirement is an exciting prospect as well.

On a side note (and a long shot) did you ever know a Mark Brown in the Air Force? He retired a couple years back; I think he was a lieutenant colonel or colonel.

On another side note... Merry Christmas!

John said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, both intimate and extended. I hope this New Year finds you all in good health and spirits

Brown is a failry common name, but I think the closest I come is a Mike Brown, a retired LtCol Since he is the deacon at the local Catholic church and co-worker at my job he doesn't fit the bill.

With some more details I might be able to fill in the blanks.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

He finished up his career at the Pentagon (which he didn't much care for). 2 daughters. Retired 3 years ago? He and his family moved to Sioux Falls, SD.

I mentioned it because I had his dad as a parishioner these past 4 years and got to know the son just a bit during the funeral planning. I figured that there are tons of people in the Air Force, but fewer colonels.

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