Monday, September 29, 2014

My Quote of the Day

“We need serious reform!”
I love this quote; it is simple, direct, and totally useful for everyone.  It states a need, implies its importance, and although it does nothing to make the argument, it attempts to legitimize whatever preceded it or will come next.  This line is perfect for conservatives and liberals alike, unfortunately even if it were true, it appeals not to logic, but to emotion, which seems the foundation for most social discussion these days.
For example:  We need serious reform! the top 1% are polluting this planet and need to be stopped!  Or, The people who are protesting the top 1% are leaving too much garbage behind them, we need serious reform.  Or, We need Serious Reform!  Corporations are corrupting the political process!  Or, We need serious reform!  I can’t get the lumps out of my oatmeal.

The use for this phase is endless.

1 comment:

DW said...

I wise friend once said: "Well intentioned people choose a cause that does not affect their lifestyle...and brother can they reform!"

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